Research & Development


Doing More With Less

After 8 years of renewable energy system development following the established state of the art, the TCS idea emerged to advance it.


Designing and Testing

2009-2011 Prototyping

Applying for Patents

2010-2014 (2 patents issued)

Roof Mount 8,763,321 [7/1/2014]

Ground Mount 8,448,390 [5/28/2013]

Developing Production Plans


Establishing Production

2015-2016 in Ohio (16 fabricated parts)

Building the Team

Business Development and Marketing


Ongoing R&D and QA

Universal Pivot Joint, in conjunction with gable and eave mounts of the TCS

Design Enhancements


Process Improvements


Production Improvements


Quality Assurance

Problem reporting and documentation, etc.

Rigorous Testing & Evaluation

As necessary


In process

Company History

A Unique Journey

After 15 years in the aerospace industry and a term on the board of the Texas Solar Energy Society representing the Houston Renewable Energy Group (HREG), the electrical engineer founded Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. (OES) on April 27, 2001 in Washington State.  OES developed renewable energy systems, including solar electric, solar thermal - domestic hot water and space heating, hydroelectric systems, on-grid and off-grid, before kicking off its Tensioned Cable System (TCS) program for low impact mounting of solar panels in 2009.

The patented TCS R1X roof mount and G1M ground mount, after years of field service, are now in production, available in kits ready to deploy.  With the gradual retraction of the (30%) federal Investment Tax Credit after 2019, the concurrent development of the Consolidated Solar Power (CSP) program, and utilization of the low impact TCS mounting systems, system owners will realize cost per watt and financial returns on par with larger utility-scale solar facilities.

TCS Demonstrators - completed in 2019, actual solar panels are mountable with genuine TCS hardware: 3 panels with the G1M Demo (on the ground or on driveways) and 6 panels with the R1X Demo (onto actual gabled roofs).

Ongoing TCS R&D will see continual expansion of the design science of utilizing tensioned cables for truly sustainable mounting of solar electric panels, with low embodied energy and low life cycle costs.  Mass production of reliable parts, new project applications, and association with innovative project development and programs, will see the blooming of the Solar Age - universally enlightened and beneficial for all.

The client advocate consultant role established by OES in 2001 provided optimized development and allowed dozens of licensed contractors to participate in renewable energy projects.  OES is poised ready for 2020 with decades of (solar) energy experience and technology development to advance the state of the art in the decades ahead, in parallel with the new OES role of solar panel mounting supplier.

From day one, Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. has provided free initial consultations and continues to do so.  The independence of OES is somewhat maintained in its commercialization of the TCS mounting systems - as the TCS owes its existence to the hundreds of clients, the source of lessons and impetus for its creation.