System Design precedes TCS Kit Specification

A small handful of assembly steps proves the deployable attribute of the G1M.  2 hours v. 2 days.

Establish solar electric system size

3.6KW/300W (per PV panel) = 12 PV

12/3 (PV per span) = 4 G1M-1

Determine solar PV string size

Such as 9 or 12 or 15 PV panels per string.  Important for establing Input Voltage to inverters.  The G1M mounts 3 PV panels at a time, so for simpler series wiring, multiples of 3 are important.

Determine number of G1M-1 kits required

Depends on the string and system sizes.

Concatenation hardware is basically a set of turnbuckles for attaching G1M stanchions to each other.

Determine number of R1X kits required

Kits mount 2x3 portrait.

Mount kits side by side.

Decide if G1M-1 stanchions are pre-assembled

Depends on system project plans and constraints.

Order Kits

Consult with Olympic Energy Systems (TCS developer) for help.

OES can arrange installation - a package deal.



Demonstrations of the R1X and G1M mounting systems validate the strength of these mounts.  The key to strength is inherent strength of cables in tension and the overall flexibility when encountering static and wind loads.

Information is available as to how to specify the kits  andcontents for intended solar electric system sizes and configuations.